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You want transformation YOU WANT HELP


Your body and soul tells me what they need. Your soul know what she wants to learn and what she wants to experience. Your body reflects if you follow your soulpath or not.


I read your soul and body and heal what they point to me.



Nothing is coincidence, you have been looking for transformation & change and here you are then.


Nothing too early and none too late but just in time. I always come on people's path, just before a major transformation. As transformation coach I help to close your old roads and new to unlock.


If you're not on your soulpath, than you feel sick or is your life ruined. Disease and pain are a signal that you are strayed your soulpath.. Too scared, too blind or deaf to the voice of your soul? Then will you reap according to the way you walk now resulting in illness, accidents, difficult situations and challenges.


I vote me off on your soul and clearly hear its message. They lead me to the blockages and pains in your life so you can come back home on your soulfrequention..


My specialty is the ISA distance healing that I give. One technique I have developed myselfs. I raise your vibration, remove blockages oa I restore, bone fractures, CVS, depressions, ...... see the many positive customer feedback.


If you are ready for this big step, feel free to click on the images below to see what I can do for you.














After the 2nd healing there was the miracle of my shattered knee. After your 2nd healing I was PAIN FREE for the first time in 20 years.


A whole list of positive feedback is waiting for you.


Transformation cards


A personal card is drawn with a zieleboodschap for you.


This map do you use for 21 days to further the healing on you in to work.








ISA healing


A super powerful healing from a distance. Transforms very profound.


With the ISA be healing pains, blockages and life themes (finances, relationships, work,.....) healed with this spell.