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Higher heart activation

Hello Isabelle,

With this I thank you very much for the higher heart activation. I can clearly feel what is happening to me. Right now I'm standing up for myself. This is admirable, because I am always very conscientiously.

That I email you only now is because I’m taking time for myself!

As if my (higher) heart is opening inwards.

Thanks a million! This is something to cherish

Greeting heart,

Tinne V W

Hello Isabelle,

A few days ago I got to know you a through a free healing that I was offered. This gave me a very nice and happy feeling and I am super grateful to you.

Greetings Carina

I could feel the energy flow today  I’m Reiki aside because I feel that this belongs to the old energy. You are such an angel, I feel reborn and I finally feel my heart again. Thanks, I’m so happy to have found you through Facebook. Warm hughs, Leenx.

Anja A

Hi Isabelle, I am very grateful for the insights you gave me. It is incredible, but it is the truth

Thanks, Grts

Rietje D.W. Thanks dear Isabelle, it was wonderful, I was actually very receptive, I felt a pressure on my heart chakra and felt that I had to breathe deeper, and I thought of you, you were busy doing the activation, I had forgotten all about the time, suddenly 45 minutes had passed, I open my mailbox and find your beautiful message, thank you so much sweet girl ♥

Rita H Isabelle Lambrecht, thank you for the beautiful activation ♥

Hey Isabelle What you said was very correct I will definitely apply your text to my life Thank you for this loving activation xxx <3 kiss and greetings, Elly

Hi Isabelle,

Thank you very much for the 'treatment' that I signed myself up for on Facebook. I am very happy with the answer :-)

I really like being able to know this and will definitely try to enjoy everything, or should I say: learn to enjoy .... AGAIN

Once again, thank you and succes with everything you are going to do or may


Dear greetings, Sylvia T

Hello Isabelle,

Thank you for this activation. It did me lots of good and your explanation has given me new insights, so I can take better care of things / matters.

Warm Regards, Irene H

Customer feedback Long-distance healing


thanks to 3 ISA-healings I am able to walk out of the hospital by myself, 11 days after a heavy fall of my horse. -28 January: a fall of my horse caused 2 fractures in my back. The conclusion was a severe operation

and 12 months of revalidation.

-29 & 30 January: I had an ISA-healing. The doctors did another check-up before planning the operation.

Conclusion; a lighter operation with only 6 months of revalidation.

-4 February: a successful operation but with lots of pain.

-5 February: an ISA-healing; almost no pain left. -8 February: removal of the probe and tubes from my back after the operation. I am able to walk to the

elevators all by myself, then to the car and on my way home.

-12 February: a check-up with the doctor; he’s baffled with the results. The inside of the back after the

fall was a complete destruction and yet he only needed 2 bolts to secure everything and only 4 days later she can walk. The wheelchair that was meant for her remains unused. 

Sander is a two weeks old boy who was placed at a specialized hospital department in Leuven for heart- and lung- and breathing malfunctions. A day after his birth, he had surgery. Two days later he got his first healing; this improved his breathing and allowed the breastfeeding to take on.

However after a few days there were major problems with his wound (8cm), it started to infect seriously. He rapidly deteriorated and the 17-strong team of doctors found no cause. After the 2nd healing the infection stopped and five days later the parents were able to take him home.

Hello Isabelle

A thousand thanks for what you have done for me.

– After the first healing I was able to fully pick myself up again, which allowed a big financial windfall to come my way. -After the 2nd healing there was the miracle of my leg. When I was a jockey my leg was shattered and they gave me the choice between amputation or a lifetime of pain. A prosthesis was rejected because they only last 10-15y and a second prosthesis was impossible for me because my bone wasn’t strong enough. They reconstructed my leg as much as possible with bolts etc but I’ve lived with great pains for about 20years. However, after your 2nd healing I was for the first time in 20 years PAIN FREE. That to me is really a miracle, it is superb.

Thank you so much.


Caroline: I'm a little bit shocked and surprised by your report. I did not expect this.

My findings: (I’ve left out some parts here because of the privacy) Sunday morning: all the pain was gone and I had a comfortable feeling. Mondays and Tuesdays shoulder ok. Today I have a pleasant feeling in my shoulder and arm. I can already make more movements without any pain. ... I am very shocked by what you see and what you’re able to ...

Thank you very much

(Note: this is a lady suffered from a broken shoulder amongst some other things.)

Hey Isabelle

First of all thank you for healing me. All my life I’ve suffered from anxiety, and I sincerely hope that now may be gone forever. In the past I have had a lot of nausea, but didn’t know why. Everything you describe about me I can place very well. Is it possible that I have a big belly because of the pressure on my ovaries? Last week I had a slight feeling in my stomach, and now I know why. I am very grateful for the healings that you’ve done for me. I have tried so many others in the past, but to no avail.

Cordial greetings, Marleen

After two tough healings by Isabelle, I can take a little bit of everything back. I was unable to 'bend over' because of dizziness and could not stretch myself. All because of the CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome); now I’m happily cleaning my bathroom; even in the smallest corners (I could not do this for 15 years). I’m letting a lot go and am clearing things up. Also, I have been able to reduce my sleep medications to half after taking them intensively for 4 years due to muscle pains and my thyroid medication reduced to 25%.

After the third healing two weeks later, I was able to make a 14 km walk in nature without taking a break! This would have been impossible before. I feel like I have been resurrected. Isabelle, thank you for crossing my path! Kristien

Nel, 70 years old, has incredibly thin skin. When wounded her wound would keep bleeding, her skin heals very slowly because of the medication she uses. A while back she fell down and panicked when she had a broken knee (on 3 places) and a part of her thumb was split open. I was with her 20 min after her fall and gave her a healing. Her thumb healed quite fast and easy without stitches. Afterwards I gave her knee a short long distance healing. My advice was to leave the knee alone and take rest. Two weeks later she still had pain and consulted 4 doctors: 3 doctors said operation was necessary, 1 doctor said not to touch the knee. He said the bone splinters were in such a good place that they could not do any harm; an operation would do a lot more harm. She had a 2nd checkup 6 weeks after the fall; he spoke of a miracle, she could walk as if the fractures had never been there, the knee was in perfect condition.

Hey Isabelle

It is still unbelievable how your reports match my experiences and feelings. Super glad you came my way.

Big hug


Hello Isabelle,

Thank you for the healing and the report. It was definitely a whole lot. Everything you write is very recognizable .

I want to thank you, I find it very special that you know how to do this .

Love Nicoline

When Isabelle gave me a healing a few weeks ago she made ​​me see that I used my own strength against me and I each time that put me deeper and deeper. She said: you have to use your own strength for YOURSELF and after a super healing about fourteen days ago I have progressed a lot, tomorrow I'm scheduled for another one ... I’m going for it! Being a HSP does not have to mean struggling through life, learning things the hard way. No, it can also be the opposite of that. It's the way you deal with things, your self-esteem and your love. If you do not possess these and you do not know how to deal with them, then you’ll keep attracting the same situations but each time stronger and stronger until you’ve eventually got it ... I AM ....

Grts Mieke B

Hello Isabelle,

Today it has been 3 weeks since I've had my healing. So far I have been able to omit my pain medication and this makes me very happy. My pain is not gone, but different. And I also get a lot of insights. But there is still a way to go.

I would like to make a new appointment for a second healing, because I feel that there are still a lot of blockages present.

Best regards,


I just wanted you to know that I am pleasantly surprised by your reports of the healings. You are hitting nails with heads. You're doing very well!



Hello, Isabelle,

Since previous sessions, that have been done a while back now, I've experienced a lot of change, I actually turned completely upside down, I physically and mentally collapsed, I had inflammation on the forehead, bronchitis and general exhaustion. I’ve had to take lots of rest and was very weak. Now I can feel myself recovering and I feel a lot of energy flowing, lots of passion and renewed vigor. I am sending out a positive energy to my immediate environment, even my partner is changing along with me. The only difficulty I’m having is with my son because he feels the changes and is getting a bit jealous. His behavior has yet to be transformed, but it is good. Could you book me for a final healing? ?

Kind regards,


Hello Isabelle, I must say that the last few days I have had to arrange things that I never considered myself able to do on my own. Everything has to go fast. So it is also very tiring because it is all so new and unfamiliar. So I would say the healing does its work. I feel like I am being reshaped and that requires a lot of energy to recuperate. I also feel that I’m ready to starting letting some things go.

Very grateful

grts Elisabeth

Thanks Isabelle, I’ve read the report twice, this really is 100% recognizable and I’ll definitely apply the tips. I am very grateful to you and I really thought it was nice to read, I did have to swallow several times but it is the truth and the truth sometimes hurts, lol

Kind regards,


hey Isabel

I was lying in the sofa, I got up and I was able to stretch my legs a lot better

Then I took a late night walk and my way of walking was had improved a lot (for a long period I had been walking like a stiff, old witch). This morning my step was also better, keep in touch.

I thank you very much Marianne

Thank you, thank you, Isabelle!

Yes, very much recognizable things.

Another big thank you, hug and see you. Good luck to you also!

Carine D xxx

Hello Isabelle

The healing you did for my horse apparently works very well. She is a lot better and we will not have to put her down. To conclude; I'm super happy and I would like to book a second appointment for a healing.

Big thank you, it's a load off my mind.

Greetings Lolo

Note: this is a horse with serious bone issues that rendered it to a limp state.

The day after the second healing she jumps over the fence and she is full of energy. There is no breakage or limping after the jump because normally jumping with her ​​bone problems should not be done.

Hi Isabelle!

Wow, after reading your report I turned silent for a moment! Unfortunately, this morning I couldn’t lie down peacefully while you were doing your healing but I definitely felt certain things. Sometimes I felt a little dizzy, not dizzy like I’m about to faint, but a little light-headed. A lot of recognition and I see that a lot had to be done. I feel kind of lighter, as if your house has been through a major cleaning and therefore you feel tidier in your head as well.

I clearly feel lighter, more peaceful and I feel more stability. A warm feeling in my stomach. You have no idea how grateful I am to you!!

Warm Regards,


Tom: It’s weird but since your healing it is as if the things are flowing back. Your image of my head is quite right. It is as if my head is cleared. My work has been going very smoothly and I have a lot of energy. It is a huge relief. Big thank you.

Healings are not unfamiliar to me. Not long ago I found myself in a big hole that I couldn’t get out of. I would be crying, crying and crying, over and over again. It was kind of a burnout, a depression. Through another channel I met Isabelle who came to me as a gift from heaven. I received a healing in her home. The following days I felt it, I felt freer, lighter, and different. I thought how does she do it? A second healing was needed, with an even more powerful result. But also the willpower must be there to get go forward. Suddenly I had another relapse, Isabelle asked to perform a distance healing on me, I didn’t really question this (will that work from a distance?)No, my faith in Isabel was there. It really works, I feel the changes are powerful, the crying is as good as gone, I am on the right track.

Inge K

Hello Isabelle,

I’ve experienced the long-distance healing that you gave to me recently as very pleasant. I'm back in my own strength. I am more and more aware of being in my heart instead of my head. I feel great.



Dear Isabelle,

Thank you for Healing and the report. Gosh what a special story. I'm still coming by from reading it. I recognize the things you told me. I'm going to get to work. 2d later: Today it feels like a heavy weight on my back has been lifted... strange though..

Many thanks and have a nice day!


Hello Isabelle,

First of all thank you for the previous healings, Jana (child and socially impaired) is a bit more at ease with others now, she already has the courage to argue with her little niece and has been playing on new places more fearlessly.

Dieuwke (18 months) is no longer so scared in her room, most nights sleep occurs sporadically but this is on the mend, because of illness she tends to fall back into previous habits. Already two nights she slept without waking up.

Françoise C

Kristin: Isabelle, your healings are very powerful. I've never felt my chakras before but I could feel them spin and generate power. It was an incredible experience. I could feel the blockages on my underbelly loosen and, after years, I finally feel my energy flowing again. You healings are such a blessing for me. I am very grateful to you.

Sophie D: Thanks to Isabelle Lambrecht , I have been able to experience one of the best healings ever! Most of the people who know me, know that I strongly believe in these things and that, over the years, I have met ​​with various healers. But this amazed me, especially her strength! When she began the healing I felt as if I was being lifted out of my body. Amazing.

If someone reading this feels compelled to try this as well, I highly recommend it. Sophie x

Karel: What you’re capable of is so strong. It is very correct. Now, eight days after your healing it is incredible how much has changed inside of me. Thanks to your report, I got a lot of information to work with. Thanks again for making my life free again.


Personal Consult

Dear Isabelle

Thank you for your clear answers. It loosened up a lot inside of me .. I understand things more clearly now. Isabelle really thank you very much. Your email is such a support! I'm very glad I found you (or that the universe sent you to help me)



Dear Isabelle,

Thanks again for yesterday! It has given me a lot of strength. It’s incredible how your images touch me right in the soul.

You know me so well and yet you never met me before. You have the answer to everything, and you everything in to words in such a simple way. I feel very strong. It's like you gave me pieces of myself back. Thank you for helping me to be myself again, it feels amazing.

Greetings Janine

Hello, I'm Chris. I had seizures of epilepsy. Thanks to the good advice of Isabelle it is rare when I have another attack.

Mieke: Isabelle is someone with great passion, with great knowledge and a wonderful intuïtion.

Soo glad I met you. I’d like to keep in touch

Sophie: No matter what question or problem I have, Isabelle is always there to help me out. With a few words she understands things. She understands me better than I do. She understands everything. Her feedback regarding my communication with my partner saved my relationship. Now I understand better how a man thinks. Is really quite different than from us women.

Marino: I have spoken to several psychiatrists, but the insights I get from Isabelle through the healings are very enriching. The debriefing and coaching has changed a lot in my life. Her strength and passion are my example. Thank you for crossing my path.



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